Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The rest of the story - Vacation Part II

We ended up cutting our vacation a day short because of tropical storm Fay. But we really can't complain - at all. We had 6 beautifully sunny days to enjoy the beach before the clouds came. We had the most relaxing vacation that I can ever remember -no hurry to do anything. It was lovely.

However, now we are back in the thick of things. We started school yesterday. Wow, there is a lot to learn in the 3rd grade. I really am probably learning more than the girls. It is so much fun, and even Lilly thinks she is in school. She has her own folders and things. We really couldn't do school any other way - she would not have it. Lilly is getting ready to start back to playschool next week. She informed me this morning that she would be learning Spanish (that's what Parker and Chloe told her). I realized that I somehow forgot to take her to the doctor for her 3 year check-up (in April). Since I have to have a special form from them saying she's had all her shots, I decided to make the appointment. They were able to get us in this morning. I bribed Lilly with the thought of picking out a special toy if she would not fuss - and it worked. She was so good, even laughing and waving bye to Dr. David and Nurse Samantha. She even talked to the lady who was pricking her finger for a blood sample and never cried. We went directly to Wal-Mart and picked out a Dora Bath Castle for $14.95, a very small price to pay for a happy visit to the Doctor.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Middle of a Great Vacation

We are having a great time in Panama City. However, there is only wireless internet in the lobby of our hotel, so I will probably not be able to check email and update again until after we are home next week. Here are some highlights of the trip so far

We have had great weather. Parker loves the beach and boogie boarding (She is very good at it). She never wants to come to the pool. Chloe and Lilly love the pool and the hot tub the best. We still have two days left for lots of fun.

Here is a clip of Parker boogie boarding

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chloe's Special Day

Wow! I can't believe that Chloe is 6. It just doesn't seem right. We had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday today. She got a special surprise yesterday - a trampoline. The girls have had so much fun jumping and jumping and jumping. Today we celebrated with chocolate chip pancakes, lots of jumping on the trampoline, lunch at Longhorn with Nanny (Chloe's choice - she ordered a hotdog), making a barbie cake, noodle soup and cheese toast for dinner (Chloe's favorite), and meeting friends to play and eat cake at Chuck E Cheese. What a really fun birthday. Here are some pictures of all the events. We also celebrated last Saturday with most of the family.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Parker's Birthday Surprise

We celebrated Parker's birthday last Wednesday. For a few years now she has been asking, begging is more like it, for a puppy. Now most of you know that I really don't like dogs that much. They are ok for other people, but I really don't want anything else to take care of. However, I have realized over the past year that Parker is growing up and capable of caring for a puppy - and I could think of nothing else that would make her happier. So we got her a little Yorkie puppy. We named him Silas and he is a very sweet puppy. Parker was so excited - I am pretty sure she did not think I would ever let her have a puppy. We actually got the puppy two days before her birthday, so it was an early surprise. On her real day we ate chocolate chip waffles for breakfast, went to chic-fil-a for lunch, had Savanna and Natalie over to play, decorated cupcakes, and celebrated with our small group that night. It was really a lot of fun! We also got to celebrate the Saturday before with all the family at Ronnie's graduation.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh Happy Day

The day we have been waiting on for three (very long) years has come and gone. I can't even really believe that it is over. I am referring to Ronnie's graduation, in case you didn't know. Ronnie graduated with a Masters in Christian Studies last Saturday. We are so very proud of his diligence and endurance, and so very happy that it is over. I mean look at his happy face... It just makes me want to yell Woooooo Whooooo!!

Now this chapter of our lives is down in the books and we are looking forward to the next one.

Fun Week With Bailee

Ok, so I know that I said I wasn't going to go back and blog about the past summer events, but these pictures were too cute. Our little niece Bailee (who is the same age as Parker) came to visit for a week. The girls had so much fun. We went swimming alot and we even got to go to a play - Charlotte's Web (which by the way had a wonderful goose).

Its the New House (and its not a brick house)

Here they are - pics of the new house. I don't have an outside picture to show yet - the painters are painting the front porch this week. So I'll post a picture when they are done.