Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us

This past weekend was our 11 year anniversary. We celebrated by sending the kiddos off for a few nights and taking a trip to Atlanta. Ronnie (the greatest and most romantic trip planner of all time) planned another great trip for us. He is amazing. He covered every little detail. He even brought us a movie (which turned out to be the cheesiest one we've ever seen) to watch at the hotel. He bought me a sweet basket of goodies (lotions from bath and body, new toe rings - very cute, and a great CD). We stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead. Wow! It was very great. He booked it on priceline so it was only $60 a night. Friday night we ate at a restaurant called Twist. The food was great. We spent the entire day Saturday at Ikea buying stuff for our new (but old) house. It was overwhelming. I mean, have you ever spent 8 hours in one store. We only walked through one time. There is a cafe conveniently located half way through to nurish weary shoppers. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen Saturday night which was excellent since pizza is my favorite. The weekend was wonderful. It was wonderful to have lots of time to spend with Ronnie at such a crazy time in our life. We really needed the time. I am blessed to have Ronnie to spend many more years with.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I know, I know... it is not Father's Day yet, but we pretended that last Sunday was Father's Day because Ronnie and I will be out of town on the real Father's Day. So the girls were able to give him his present - some very cool new sunglasses. Ronnie is a wonderful dad and it was fun to celebrate him. Here are a few pictures:

Swimming Fun

Here is a look at what we've been doing for the past two weeks. Swimming, swimming and more swimming. My sister and the boys were in town for a week and we had so much fun.