Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Woman's Mission

Ok, so I know I vowed not to blog about anything too heavy, but I guess it is ok to have an occasional heavy topic isn't it? Well, I borrowed a book from my friend Hether (who by the way has not read this book yet) called A Woman's Mission written by John Angell James. It's a very short book (only 30 pages) but the author lived in 19th century England, so it made for a harder than normal read for me. The basic idea of the book is that a woman's mission (at least a married woman's mission) is to be a companion/helper to the man she is married to. That is what God created her for - man. Everything a woman does should focus around this mission. Now I know we can get into all sorts of debates about this topic, but I did find one passage in the book to be both challenging and encouraging. Here it is:

"She is in wedded life to be his constant companion, in whose society he is to find one who meets him hand to hand, eye to eye, lip to lip, and heart to heart; to whom he can unburden the secrets of a heart pressed down with care or wrung with anguish; whose presence shall be to him better than all society; whose voice shall be his sweetest music, whose smiles his brightest sunshine; from whom he shall go forth with regret, and to whose converse he shall return with willing feet when the toils of the day are over; who shall walk near his loving heart, and feel the throbbing of affection as her arm leans on his and presses on his side. In his hours of retired conversation, he shall tell her all the secrets of his heart, find in her all the capabilities and all the promptings of the most tender and endeared fellowship, and in her gentle smiles and unrestrained speech enjoy all to be expected in one who was given by God to be his associate and friend."

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Very Fun Night

We had a really fun night last night with our friends the Bustrums. They are actually more like family than friends. The night was filled with great food - thanks Nanny and Pops - princesses, dancing, laughing and talking. We can't wait to stay up late with you guys in Lisbon! Here are some pictures from the night.

Who knew Ronnie and Mark were this close?????

I do realize that this is not my most photogenic moment, but it is the memory that counts right...

Thanks guys for all the fun!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Lilly!

Lilly turned three today. She has had a really great birthday. Last night MeeMee and Poppie and Uncle Nate came for a visit. Today we played at the park with friends and went to chick-fil-a with our cousins. Even though it was chilly, she still had lots of fun. Her favorite gifts were the two cards that played music. She's been singing happy birthday to herself all day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ronnie

This is just a short post to tell my sweet Ronnie - Happy Birthday! He is amazing - a true friend, wonderful father and husband. I don't deserve him.
... and by the way, he's 37.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Psalm 23

This spring the girls have learned Psalm 23. It took us 3 months of hard work. I hope that one day when they are older and know more, it will be a blessing to have it hidden in their hearts.

First the kindergarteners....

And second - the second graders.

I am very pleased with their dilligence.