Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A month of firsts and lasts


last day in our old house

Ronnie's last day at Union (work)

Ronnie's last day at Union (school)

last service as Northbrook members

last lunch with Jamie and Marcie (just joking - you know its not the end)

last time to work in the old LDL office


first time to stay at our new house

Ronnie's first day at his new job

first time to work at the new LDL office

first time to have small group at our new house

first time to meet Oscar - the little old man across the street

first time to watch TV at our new house (1 month after we moved in)

first time to try to mow our new yard (which at this point may be a three day project for Ronnie with a push mower)

Sorry for the month long sabatocal from posting. There have been many monumental events in our lives this month. I probably won't try to catch up on blogging. I'll just start with what's new. I will, however, try to post pictures of the new house for any out-of-towners, or I guess in the Bustrums case it would be out-of-countryers.