Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hollywood Studios and Epcot

We spent the last two days at Hollywood and Epcot. They were the most fun for me and Ronnie. They girls had a blast too. At Hollywood we went to Playhouse Disney (Chloe loved this), we saw the Beauty and the Beast musical (awesome), we went to the block party with all the characters from Toy Story and Monsters Inc, we watched real stunt cars jump ramps and catch on fire (Ronnie and Parker's favorite), we played at the honey I shrunk the kids playground and ate at the Sci-Fi drive in Theater (very cool). It was a chilly but fun day.

At Epcot we road Soarin (the family favorite except Lilly was too short to ride), we rode Nemo, we rode Spaceship Earth, Ronnie rode another space ride that the girls and I chickened out on, we walked through all the countries. I just want to add in here that this was my favorite. I loved seeing all the stuff from the different countries. It is as if you get to visit them in some small way. We spent a while in France and had lunch there. I had crepes and it reminded me of our trip to Paris. We also spent a while in China, watched the acrobats and a movie and China's history. We had dinner in Norway - storybook dining with Princesses. They come around to your table so you don't have to wait in line to see them. It was Awesome. Epcot was my favorite.

Here are some pictures from the two days.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ronnie's Big Day

You would think that a day at Magic Kingdom would be all about the kids....but not our day. The girls had tons of fun, but Ronnie was singled out on more than one occasion. We headed off to Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom. We rode space mountain (Parker and Chloe were very brave) and we went to the laugh floor at Monster's Inc. This is an interactive, movie type thing where they single out audience members, put them in the spotlight and either ask the questions or make fun of them. Well, Ronnie was "that guy". Every time they would make a joke and say "don't be like that guy", they put him on the huge screen for everyone to see. They even gave him a sticker that said "I was that guy". The girls thought it was so funny!

We went to Mickey's House and Minnie's house, rode the carousel, drove the Indy speedway cars, had lunch and then went to storytime with Belle. Here is where Ronnie comes back into the story. Storytime with Belle is also interactive. They pick audience members (kids) to act out parts of Belle's story. Well, Ronnie was picked out of the audience to be the Beast/Prince. He got to roar, die, turn into the prince and dance with Belle. The girls also thought this was funny, and could not figure out why daddy kept getting picked at all the shows we went to. I have really not laughed so hard in a very long time. It was great!

Favorites: Parker's favorite was Monster's Inc. Chloe's favorite was splash mountain (and the mickey mouse ice cream sandwich). Lilly's favorite was the Indy Speedway. Ronnie's favorite was dancing with Belle. My favorite was laughing at Ronnie dance with Belle, It's a small world, and the spectromagic parade and fireworks. Nanny's favorite was It's a small world. We all had a blast.

Here are some pictures from the day

Here is Ronnie's dance with Belle

Here is Chloe's crazy monkey dance as she waits to ride splash mountain

Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Day at Disney

Wow what a fun trip we've had already. Just the trip down (which took us 2 days of driving) was actually really nice. The girls love to stay in a hotel - anywhere. We did have a crazy first night on the way down. We checked into a really nice hotel, got the girls in their jammies and then realized that the toilet in our room was overflowing. It turns out that we had the very last room (as it was about 12:00)and so they could not move us to another room. So we loaded everything back into the car, girls in their jammies, and drove to a different hotel that had a room. Apparently there was a wrestling convention being held in Macon, GA and almost all of the rooms were booked up. Luckily, we found a room and went to bed.

Last night, after arriving in Orlando, we checked into our AWESOME resort and headed to Downtown Disney for a little shopping. We went to the hugest world of disney store I've ever seen and got mouse ears for the girls. Today we went to Animal Kingdom. Parker loved the Safari and some roller coaster in Dinoland. Chloe loved her Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich. Lilly loved meeting the characters, standing in line to meet them and getting her picture made with them. They all had so much fun. We finished the night off at Rain Forest Cafe. Here are some pictures from the trip down and today at Animal Kingdom.