Saturday, June 20, 2009

A trip to the Farmer's Market with Chloe

This morning Chloe wanted to go with me to the farmer's market. She also went with me last week. She loves it - mainly because I let whoever goes with me pick out a treat and she enjoys a treat more than any kid I know. Anyway, here is her funny comment of the day....

After visiting the Mennonite booth to get chocolate milk, Chloe said, "Mommy, why do they always dress up like they are poor?"

So, apparently in Chloe's mind, the Mennonite people come across as not poor but they just dress like they are poor. I think this warrants a lesson in history, different religious views and maybe even a trip to visit the Mennonite farm.

And for her treat today - a chocolate, chocolate chip muffin....mmmmm.


Tiger Fans said...

she's so precious :) mmmmm treat!

Alicia Beth said...

A homeschool mom is always looking for good "teaching" moments ! I agree you have come across one :) I think a trip to the farm would be FUN. Hope you guys are doing well :)